Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Voice of Truth...

One of my favorite songs - I pray with this song, literally. The lyrics have spoken to me all along this journey, and in a new way now:

Oh what I would do to have
the kind of faith it takes
to step out of the boat and then
onto the crashing waves...
to step out of my comfort zone
into the realm of the unknown
where Jesus is...
and He's holding out his hand.

But the waves are calling out my name
and they laugh at me...
reminding me of all the times
I've tried before and failed.
The waves they keep on telling me
time and time again,
"Boy - you'll never win!
You'll never win!"

But the voice of Truth
tells me a different story!
The voice of Truth says
do not be afraid!
The voice of Truth says
this is for My glory!
Of all the voices calling out to me,
I will listen and believe
the voice of Truth.

Hardly a day goes by that I don't hear those waves. Taunting. Like the Phillistines taunting a tennager with a slingshot. (The second verse of the song uses that image.) And the reminding - oh the reminding. Of all my shortcomings. Of my sin. Of my imperfection, my lack of holiness. How can a mere mortal like me ever become a priest? Do I even have what it takes to even give the Seminary a shot? Look at you - worrying, wondering - and you're not even at the Seminary yet. Those damned waves!

But, you know, there really is another voice there. I hear it sometimes right along with the others, not drowning them out by trying to be louder - but I hear it over the others because its closer. I hear a whisper. "You can." The whisper says, "Don't be scared. We're in this together." The voice in my head - in my heart - says, "Just one step today. You can do it. We'll go together. It's an adventure." Mostly, the Voice says, "I love you. And I will love you. And I always have."

I think of Peter, so anxious to follow Jesus. So anxious to live and be Holy. I imagine a heart burning to please God as best he could. Wanting to show his friend and mentor that he loved him - not for glory, but for love's sake. His whole mind at times, almost frantic to follow. "SURE I'LL CLIMB ONTO THE WAVES!!! You called - that's enough - I'll go." And before you know it...all wet. I wonder how many times those waves called out to Peter, "Boy, you'll never win. And in case you forgot, remember the rooster?"

But, Peter must have found the secret. That Voice. That whisper that saves us from ourselves. You know, I think it must be true for all of us - no matter what our journey. My "vocational discernment" is heading for the Seminary. Yours may be raising a child, teaching or serving in the church or community, loving your spouse, caring for parents... no matter where our journeys and our callings are leading us, if we're seeking God's will for our lives, I bet those waves call out to all of us at some point or another. Hey - I'll pray for you - you pray for me. The Voice of Truth says, "Hang out here with me, this is a different story, don't be afraid - we'll do it together."

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Anonymous said...

so, like, that certain spot @ new circle and winchester will always be your prayer spot. Follow Him!!