Tuesday, February 27, 2007

iPod Random Shuffle Challenge...

Taking a lead from some fellow bloggers out here in cyberspace, I'm taking the "Random Shuffle Challenge". The challenge is to use iPod's shuffle feature to create a random playlist from your music library and post that list, no matter how "corny" or embarassing or whatever it seems. So, OK. I told you guys my musical tastes were a bit eclectic. Here's my answer to the challenge:

"Kryptonite", Three Doors Down
"Take it to the Limit", The Eagles
"Word of God Speak", MercyMe
"Right on Track", from the Breakfast Club Soundtrack
"Got to Give it Up", Marvin Gaye
"Californication", Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Dont' Stop", Fleetwood Mac
"In the Light", DC Talk
"Ordinary World", Duran Duran
"One Night in Bangkok", Chess

Wanna' know what's really scary? I could see myself listening to that playlist, just as it is. "Take it to the Limit" and the Breakfast Club as bookends for "Word of God Speak". Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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