Friday, July 20, 2007

I Been Tagged....Why I Love Jesus...

OK - I'm still new to this blogging game. Couple of months ago, I posted my response to the iPod Shuffle Challenge - its something I discovered in the blogsphere (uh...from the way I've read it, this means "blog universe"). I've read about getting "tagged" too. Sometimes specific people are tagged - to share answers to a common question, for example, on their website. Another blogger in the blogsphere might comment or email to tag someone - and they might respond on my blog. Another way it works is that someone "tags you" just by reading their blog - as happened in this case. I have to admit - I've been tagged in this way before (anonymously, so to speak). And, maybe I'm a cheater because, though I've been tagged, I've never done anything.

But... what fun is that? I mean, when we played tag as kids, how much fun would it be if I just said - "Um... nope." when you tagged me?!?!?! So - today I'll play along. And - if you're reading this - consider yourself TAGGED. (If you don't have a blog yourself - publish your answer in the comments.)

Why do I Love Jesus?

  1. He's "big enough" and "bad enough" to love me - even when I'm unlovable.

  2. He turned water into wine at a party, fed strangers when they were hungry, did what was right without telling everyone about it all the time, and still found time to hang out with his family & friends .... (wow - what a model for a good priest!)

  3. He didn't pay attention to who the "authorities" (civil, religious) believed to be dirty, beyond help, or not worth it. Well - that's not true. He paid GOOD attention to it...

  4. He invited his friend to walk on the water with him, didn't laugh at - scream at - or ignore him when he fell in, helped him out of the water and back to the boat, and didn't hold it against him.

  5. There are many people who have sacraficed in their life for me - and love them all very much. (Mom, Dad, Grammaw, John & DeeDee, Vernon & Pauline, Victor & Mae, Mr. Miller ... OK - can't write the whole list...) So - doesn't it make sense that I - too - love the One who not only sacraficed IN life for me... but WITH life?

Go ahead - play along. TAG!


Cassiebelle said...


I especially love #1 and I believe I will borrow it for my Celebrate Recovery Group meeting.

Again thank you for being my very dear friend...


Jennifer Longworth said...

I guess I just found myself tagged ... a few years after the post. It's a tough question. There are so many "obvious" answers, but they aren't the ones that always jump out for me. Why do I love Jesus? ... I guess one reason is that he didn't leave us alone after the Ascension. He sent the Holy Spirit and gaves us the Eucharist.