Friday, July 20, 2007

I've Never Forgotten You, My Friend...

I know you'll probably never see this blog. Chances are, we'll never meet again this side of heaven. I just wanted you to know... I've never forgotten you. You'll never know how you touched my life with your friendship those humid days in the Phillipine outback - what you taught me about generousity, what you taught me about friendship.

And you'll never know how many people you've touched in the same way by having shared with me something I can (and do) share with them. In the 18 years since we chewed little pieces of gum together - your act of friendship and kindness is still my most often shared story of my travels to your country. And - whenever I doubt that God cares for us through others - you're not far from my mind.

Thank you for the chicklet my friend.

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Anonymous said...

Alan. And Alan
May God continue to bless you both!