Friday, August 3, 2007

Welcome Christ the King Family!!!

A few weeks ago, I was asked to share some of my vocations story for our parish newsletter. Along with what I wrote, I provided the newsletter editor a link to my blog. I wanted to invite my parish family - the Cathedral of Christ the King in Lexington - to share in this journey with me as well as my other family and friends.

My copy of the newsletter arrived in the mail today - and my "article" along with the link was in this month's issue. SOOO.... to any new visitors from CTK - WELCOME! Pray for me, as I remember you in my prayer as well.

And if you don't have it on your calendars yet - remember the incredible opportunity to meet ALL our seminarians for the diocese on Sunday, August 19, from 2 - 4 pm at the Cathedral for the conclusion to our "Rock the Collar" road trip! It will be a GREAT time - Bishop Gainer will be there as well speaking on vocations in our diocese.

...more to come on the craziest road trip ever conceived.... take a bunch of seminarians, cram 'em in an SUV for 10 days, and criss-cross our corner of the state of Kentucky. I'm SO EXCITED!!! I'll have a chance to get to know my fellow seminarians better - get to know the priests of our diocese better - and remember that "strange smell" that always seems to come from the back seat on road trips. (Am I the ONLY one who remembers National Lampoon's Vacation?)

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Kasclar said...

Hi Alan,

I saw your article in the parish newsletter, so I'm checking out your blog and introducing myself. I've really enjoyed reading your blog and I am amazed at how many of my own feelings at this point in my life were also expressed by you. Like you, I am also starting a new journey within the vocation of marriage (coming up in October!). I'm also starting to experience many "lasts," I'm also trying to start packing up my house and declutter, and I am trying to imagine sharing a house with someone after 7-8 years of being on my own. Fear and excitement at the same time!! (By the way, I also hate roller coasters.)

Good luck with your journey toward the priesthood. All of Christ the King and the Lexington Diocese will be praying for you. I'm looking forward to following your journey through your blog!

Many blessings!! Kerri