Friday, October 26, 2007

Standing Under a Harvest Moon... bright that I can see the shadow of my breath on the ground beneath me. The gentle rustle of water in a small fountain reminding me of the peace of the place. The four walls of the courtyard hugging me warmly and reminding me that I'm in the arms of Love itself. Midnight is not a scary, dreary place. God is there. I'm grateful I recognized it last night.

This week has been a bit crazy. A good kind of crazy. But crazy nonetheless.

We were out for a long weekend this past Friday and Monday. It was nice to be home for a visit. Nice to give and receive hugs from the family. Share Grammaw's special breakfast. (Mmmm.... scrambled eggs, sausage...and the highlight: Cinnamon Toast!!!). Nice to have a meal and catch up with mom and dad. Nice to visit with a true woman of God and His will for our lives - a spiritual guide I trust even as I work more routinely now with my assigned spiritual director at seminary. Nice to pray at the Cathedral - home also for me. Nice to make small talk with the cathedral's newest priest - a man walking the next bend in what seems to be this journey that I'm walking. Nice to see both of the twins - get to hug them, tell them in person I love them. It was nice to visit.

...and it was nice to be back. Something funny happens when I make that last turn in the road that leads from the highway to the Holy Hill at St. Meinrad. The twin spires of the Archabbey church peak through the landscape...and I know I'm returning home. And then, I plunge in - with a light heart, with joy at a good week's work.

Yep - there have been papers to write galore this week. There have been guests to host. There have been evenings that need to be shared with brother seminarians. Visits with the Vocations Director for our diocese. All in and through the tempo of prayer. There have been letters of gratitude to write for all whose back in the diocese who are praying for us, and who take a moment to encourage us with a card, or some cookies.

...and there have been impromptu encounters with the Harvest Moon, in a small courtyard, where if you're quiet enough, and you're looking, and you catch a stream of grace you can find a moment to be with the God who creates it all, who calls us all, and who sustains us through it all.

Pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

You have a wonderful gift as a writer. I really enjoy reading your thoughts. Everything is so descriptive - I can feel what you write as though I am experiencing it myself. May God continue to bless you in your journey. We will continue to pray for you back home.

Carlos said...

Thanks for the link. Godspeed on your continued discernment and formation. If I've been hearing anything repeatedly myself lately, perseverance is key.

Vito said...

Don't feel bad about not updating your blog, it happens to the best of us.

Stay in touch and have a wonderful Christmas.