Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Square Ministry

Ministry in the mountains is, as I said in a previous post, a bit different than I imagined. That doesn't mean it doesn't have its surprises. Last Thursday after morning mass was over and I'd settled down with a good book for the morning...

Random thought that has nothing to do with this post here...
I'm enjoying some of my extra free time over the sumer reading the Kay Scarpetta novels written by Patricia Cornwell that have come out in the last several years. I LOVE this series - Cornwell writes books that - in my opinion - catch you from the moment you begin. A former girlfriend of mine in college got me started on reading Cornwell, and I've remained a big fan. I got a little frustrated when 'The Last Precinct' came out, and then Cornwell wrote several other novels without the Scarpetta character who is - by far - my favorite contemporary fiction heroine. Anyway...I discovered when visiting the Pikeville library that there are several Scarpetta novels out since I last read Cornwell. I've read one already (plus two Grisham books that were good, too), and I'm into my second - and have another checked out ready to go.

...and now we return you to the regularly scheduled blog...
...already in progress...

when Fr. Wil comes outside and says, "Today, you're going to learn one of the most important skills in Mountain ministry. We're going to call SQUARE DANCING for a group of kids having camp in Campton."

As you could image, I almost dropped my teeth (except that, thank God, I don't have dentures that I could have dropped.) Though the drive up to Campton was long, the kids there had a great time (and Fr. Wil had as much - if not more - fun than they did).

Fr. Wil having (more?) fun warming up himself before we get started.

And as I remembered during the Smoky Camping trip (I think I'd learned it long before - but it just isn't always present to mind), if the kids are having fun, it's all worth it. So - I've been initiated into one of the 'most important skills for mountain ministry':

Fr. Wil calls the Virginia Reel while Sr. Amy looks on.

Father warms 'em up with a line dance.

The Virginia Reel is always a big hit.

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Nicole Genevieve said...

Alan, since you interrupted programming to talk mystery novels, I highly recommend the Inspector Montalbano mysteries written by Italian writer Andrea Camilleri. Not only are they great police procedurals, the Inspector is one of a kind, and apparently has become a Sicilian folk-hero. Also, the descriptions of food make gluttony a real temptation! I've loved every single one I've read!