Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Survived Camping Trip

Some of you have been wondering whether or not I survived the camping trip. Well I did - and I had a good time, too. Even got into the water, believe it or not. There were about 50 or so kids, but plenty of adults on hand to make it run very smoothly. Jeff Estacio (another seminarian from my diocese) was also there. All in all, I survived it - and have another experience to talk about. :-)

We arrived there Monday of last week right after lunch, and left Thursday just before lunch. During the days, we took the kids hiking in Deep Creek park (on the North Carolina side of Great Smoky Mountain National Park) - and also took them tubing down Deep Creek which runs through the camp ground. I went tubing only one day - it was enjoyable for the most part, but shallow parts on some of the runs meant by oversize rear end got stuck quite a bit - and I didn't really enjoy walking down the river carrying the innertube. LOL. Then there were the creepy crawly friends along the river. I'm not scare of many critters except those without legs that crawl (and SWIM!!!) on their bellies. So, I only tubed the first day.

The highlight of the week for me was "camp mass" that Fr. Will and Fr. John celebrated for us right there in the campground. A more beautiful cathedral would be hard to find - and the kids really seemed to enjoy it as well. In some ways, it reminded me of my own very, VERY fond memories of Church camp when I was much younger.

Here are some pictures... more later this week on how I'm passing my time here in Pikeville.

Fr. Will making his world famous pancakes on Tuesday morning.

Alan with some campers playing "Speed" - a great card game - or a new one that the kids taught Alan called "Egyptian Rat Slap"! GREAT FUN! You can see one of the campers from here in Pikeville - Thomas - making MOOSE EARS behind my head in this photo.

Fr. Will and Fr. John celebrate mass at our campsite.

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