Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Jesus, I trust in You!

Almost a hundred years ago, an uneducated Polish nun who had been raised on a farm and was assigned to only the humblest of tasks in her religious community (gardening, cooking, and cleaning) had a powerful experience.  She saw Jesus!  He appeared to her wearing a simple garment with two brilliant rays emanating from His soul that (He told her) represents the water which makes souls righteous and the blood which gives eternal life to our souls – the water and blood that “issued forth from the depths of My most tender Mercy at that time when My agonizing Heart was opened by a lance on the Cross” Jesus told her.

Sr. Faustina was told in other visions that trusting in God’s Divine Mercy had the power to overcome the wrath and destruction our sin has earned.  She saw an Angel of Wrath intent on destroying the world because of sin.  She began to pray to Jesus, trusting His mercy – that same mercy made so clear on the Cross – knowing that His mercy was our only hope.  In her vision, as she prayed trusting in Jesus and His Mercy, the Angel of Wrath was powerless!!! Pope Saint John Paul II established the Feast of Divine Mercy to be celebrated on the Sunday following Easter as a way for the universal Church to fix firmly in our sight how lovingly and mercifully Jesus takes care of us, in eternal and present matters.

The point of our devotion to The Divine Mercy of Our Lord Jesus Christ is to help us practice complete trust in the love and care of Jesus.  Whatever our burden, however deep our hurt, however great our sin or our need – trusting in Jesus is the answer!

We will be using a Divine Mercy prayer to prepare ourselves for Mass throughout the Easter Season.  And I want to encourage each of us to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet in our homes, at work, in the car, wherever we may be throughout the week.  (You can find pamphlets to help at the entrance to the Church.)  But most of all, my prayerful desire is that we, as a family of faith, learn to ever more deeply trust together in Jesus.

As we do this together, ask yourself:  in what areas of my life can I trust Jesus more?

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