Sunday, April 12, 2015

Trusting Jesus

2nd Sun Easter (Divine Mercy) - Yr B - 2015

Today, we conclude the ‘octave’ of Easter – the eight days of Easter – by celebrating God’s Divine Mercy; God’s love in action; the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus that won for us healing for our sinfulness, forgiveness for our sins, the grace of being formed in the here and now more perfectly for the fullness of life here and hereafter. 

At the Easter Vigil last week, we considered that God’s Divine Mercy – His great loved lived out in this world for our sake – demands a response.  Not like a boss demanding more work, but the way that true generosity demands heartfelt gratitude.  A response of love to Love Himself in the way we live our lives:  The great love Jesus has shown for us calls forth a new way of living – empowered by the Holy Spirit, we no longer live for ourselves, but for Him who died and rose again for us – and living for Christ means loving God and one another, serving God and one another the way Jesus did.  In doing so, we participate in the redemption of the whole world.

On Easter Sunday morning, we reflected that this great gift can’t really come crashing into our lives to transform us unless we go all in – unless we get up close and personal with the risen Lord.  Arm’s length isn't close enough –like John and Peter and Mary Magdalene, we have to get all up inside of that empty tomb for Easter glory to set us on fire. 

By living life ‘as if’ all we know about Jesus is actually true we get up close and personal.  We pray as if God really were our Daddy, just as Jesus taught us.  We try to have a relationship with Jesus as if He were alive, and our brother, and our friend, just like He said He was.  We talk to Him as if He knows how to help us have that kind of relationship, just like He did with the apostles.  We worship Him as if He were king of all creation, just like the angels and saints do. 

And when we do that, Love will be so alive in our hearts and coursing through our veins and our hearts and minds and spirits that we’ll never be the same, and living life for Him who died and rose again for us will begin to take over.  Our whole lives will become a response of love to Love Himself!!


What about today – Divine Mercy Sunday?  As we round out our celebration of Easter Sunday on this Octave, what can we learn about how to abandon ourselves to Love so that Easter will take over our lives? 

There’s a simple message in Divine Mercy:  TRUST JESUS.  I’ll not recount Sr. Faustina’s visions where the Lord gave her this beautiful devotion to share with the world – I hope you’ll go in search of that yourselves to encounter the beauty of it.  But it all boils down to this:  faced with all that Jesus has given and is giving us that we've been celebrating for 8 days now, the true and proper way to celebrate that Divine Mercy is to say with all our heart and mind and soul:  Jesus, I trust in You!

Jesus, I trust in You!  I trust that You love me – that you lived and died and rose again to save me.  Jesus, I trust in You!  I trust that You truly worked the miracle of winning me back for the Kingdom of Heaven, undoing the mess of sin and sinfulness in this world and in my life.  Jesus, I trust in You!  I trust that somehow You’ll help me find a way to experience relationship with you as a living, actual, tangible thing in my life – and I’ll go about my days looking for You, listening for You, trusting you’ll show me how to be your friend, your disciple, your brother.  Jesus, I trust in You!  I trust that You’re there to chase away the sin in my life when I come to meet your healing presence in the confessional – and I trust that when I’m too scared or afraid or embarrassed or ashamed to meet you there, you’ll find some way to get me there (even if its this stubborn ole’ priest who won’t seem to shut up ever about the beauty and power of sacramental reconciliation.)  Jesus, I trust in You!  With all the things in my life that scare me right now, that worry me, cause me to lose sleep, leave me hurting or feeling alone or wondering where you are – I’ll trust you with it all. 

When I am most worried about those I love, I’ll say it out loudJesus, I trust in You!  When I am most puzzled by what is changing around me, or what just won’t seem to get any different or better, I’ll say it out loudJesus, I trust in You!  And when I have no idea what it means, and feel like I want to give up because it all just doesn't seem to make any sense, I’ll say it out loudJesus, I trust in You!

And then – well friends, then we take another breath, we remember the truth of Easter glory and all that it is accomplishing in our lives…and then, well – and then…well, then we actually, truly trust Jesus


Easter has come crashing in, dispelling our darkness, quenching our thirst, killing our death with eternal life.  Our great response of love to such Love is to do our best to live life not for ourselves but for Him who died and rose again for us, seeking each and every day to get up close and personal with Jesus, our brother and Lord and friend, and every step of the way, trusting Him to call, heal, love, and radically change our lives in the bright light of Easter glory. 

Standing in the amazing miracle of God’s Divine Mercy made tangible and visible to us in the life, death, and glorious Easter resurrection of Jesus Christ Our Lord, we raise our voices together this morning – we say it together and we mean it – Jesus, I trust in You!

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