Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Water, Light & Life...AMONG US!

Alleluia!  He is Risen!  Sisters and Brothers, today we celebrate a great truth: the Lord of Heaven and Earth loves us so much He came to set us free of everything that could destroy our friendship with Him.  Sin is overcome!  Death has no lasting power to destroy!  We have an eternal home in heaven!  And we have the abiding presence of The Greatest Friend the human heart could ever encounter.

During Lent, we reflected on our THIRST, our BLINDNESS, and the DEATH that we carry around with us, pointing out that Jesus has come and remains with us to quench our thirst, cure our spiritual blindness, and call us out of death’s tomb into everlasting life now and for eternity.  Today we bask in the JOY of that reality!  Jesus is risen – He is risen INDEED!   What an amazing and awesome reality!

At the Easter Vigil, we were there to see and experience that water, light, and life pouring into our lives.  At the Easter Fire we lit the Paschal Candle to dispel the darkness with the Light of Christ – that light spread to each of us within the body of the Church – and we were there as that light spread to our new brothers & sisters whose Baptismal Candles were lit from that same flame: the Light of Christ stands as a reminder at the Ambo throughout the Easter Season.

The Light of Christ unsealed the waters of baptism for our newly baptized as we witnessed yet again the glory of New Life in baptism; that eternal fountain of water that quenches our every true thirst remains alive in our presence and refreshes each of us as we renew our baptismal promises and remember our baptism throughout the Easter Season.

And for the first time, those initiated into the Sacred Mysteries joined us at the table of the Eucharist to receive into themselves the power and grace of new and everlasting life in the body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ offered for us all whenever we gather in worship and praise.

The signs remain throughout the Easter season to remind us of the great joy we have in Christ. Alleluia!  Water, Light, and Life – among us – forever!  #TooBlessedToBeStressed

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