Sunday, June 25, 2017

Jesus...Loves Our Secrets

12 Sun OT Yr A (2017)
Ss. Peter & Paul, Danville, KY

So much time spent projecting an image that isn’t authentic; so much effort making sure people don’t find out.  We pretend we have more money than we do by how me spend it.  We hide marriage troubles from the neighbors.  We ignore our bodies telling us something is wrong until it’s too late.  Lord knows we don’t darken the door of the Confessional for fear someone might know our sins.  We hide anxiety or depression because – well – what would they think?  Shame – embarrassment – and fear control more of our lives than we’d like to admit, but we’re too ashamed, embarrassed, or afraid to admit it.

And yet, Jesus tells us that all of the secrets – what we work so hard to hide – Jesus tells us it will all come to light…but He says it like it’s a good thing – as if its good news!  That tells us something important about this Jesus who loves us.  When the world would point and laugh, whisper, scoff or scorn or take advantage, Jesus loves, forgives, strengthens, and encourages.  “Fear no one – do not be afraid – even when all the secrets are made known – if you love me, if you accept me, if you acknowledge me – then I will love, accept, and acknowledge you.  No matter what.”

That’s this Jesus who comes to us at Mass – who meets us in Confession – this Jesus who longs to know you and heal you, to forgive and strengthen and sanctify you.  Are you looking for Him – talking to Him – trusting and loving Him and letting Him love and acknowledge you?  Come, Lord Jesus.

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